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Antosha Chekhonte

A Sixpack subset challenge

Two things: first of all, as csi_tokyo3 pointed out, the ship has definitely continued to sail after HBP. Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna and Neville have been reinforced as Harry's closest friends, and romantic interest blossomed within the group. Has anyone read any good Sixpack fic, shippy or gen? Anyone writing any?

My one-shot-metastasized-into-a-multi-chapter-opus, Monster, isn't a Sixpack romance, but the hextet are centrally featured, and I think you'd enjoy the comings and goings. (It's rated R, btw.)

Second, as some of you know, I'm rather fond of that subset of the Sixpack, the Harry/Luna/Ginny ship (aka HMS Flaming Nargles, aka SS Moon Seekers).

To the best of my knowledge, the entire library of fics for this ship comes to a grand total of ten pieces, seven of which are mine.

This must change!

I've posted a challenge over at flamingnargle, the LJ community for my OT3...

So, come on. Wander on over. Take a prompt. Suggest a prompt. Write fics. Read fics. Feel the love.

And remember what HL Mencken said: "The ideal state for a philosopher, indeed, is celibacy tempered by polygamy."

(X-posted to mickawber_fics and to hp_ot3--sorry if I'm repeating like bad frijoles!)
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