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Taking place between the Quidditch Cup & the final night of HBP. X-posted to the Flaming Nargle.


If evil wizards weren't bad enough, he now had to deal with wicked witches:


            The hot steam filled the shower room, the fans feebly stirring once in a while in a vain attempt to clear the magically warm, damp air.
            Ginny grinned.  "Awww.  Quidditch hurts, doesn't it?"
            Luna shrugged and adjusted the towel wrapped around her slender body.  "It certainly hasn't been kind to Ravenclaw the last two years.  Especially that final game the other day."  She waved her wand to send another cloud of steam into the air.  "Hmm. Perfect."
            The redheaded Seeker was careful as she shifted her weight on the bench.  "Is Cho still mad?"
            "Intensely," Luna agreed.  "That's two years in a row you've beaten her to the Snitch."  She paused.  "That does sound vaguely dirty, now that I think about it."
            Giggling, Ginny pressed down again with the palms of her hands.
            "Ow!  Ginny . . . "
            "Lie still, would you, Harry?  It's hard enough to figure out what you pulled after that stupid detention in Filch's office."
            Stretched out beneath her on the bench with towels beneath his head and hips was her boyfriend and Captain, Harry Potter.  Ginny was straddling his back and leaning in with her hands, sliding them up his spine slowly.  Meanwhile, Luna was seated on the tile beside his head, her own fingers busy probing his shoulder and arm.
            The idea for the session had come from the blonde Ravenclaw after she had seen Harry fighting to mask his pain one night.  Ginny had been quite prepared to take care of him herself when told, but recognized Luna's own skills would be needed to help. 
            The two young witches had decided to use the Gryffindor changing room showers, as they wanted some measure of privacy.  The Prefect's Bathroom would have Moaning Myrtle spying on them for certain, as well as the possibility of Prefects stumbling over them at the wrong time.
            Luna had been the one to approach Harry and explain what they wanted to do for him.  She could see better than any of his friends the strain he was under.  He had argued with her about it, of course.  She had softly argued back in her usual way, pointing out how much of a stubborn fool he was being, using a variety of expressions and stopping just short of using visual aids.  And when she had finally asked him why he was afraid to be taken care of by two of the three witches in his life who loved him the most, he had stopped and stared at her.
            "Luna …"
            "You hadn't thought of it that way, had you?" she had murmured sadly, leaning back against the staircase that separated the Gryffindor & Ravenclaw towers.  "It's what our mothers taught us, Harry.  Yours … mine ... and hers."  She had cupped his face in her hands and given him a quick nuzzle.  "Don't argue any more.  Come with us tomorrow and let us help you."
            He had.  He had let Ginny take his hand and lead him into the changing rooms where Luna had been waiting, the blonde clad only in a towel.  Taking over from Ginny, she had led him deeper into the steam-filled shower area until his glasses were fogged over completely.  She had taken his robes off for him, a sensation that made his stomach do a funny flip.  Then, guiding him gently, she had made him sit on a covered bench and lie down on his stomach.  Her hands had brushed through his dark, tousled hair before carefully removing his glasses and putting his head down on his arms.  "Trust us, Harry," she had murmured in his ear.
            Now she was exploring his right arm with her fingers, tutting softly as she picked it up to examine it.  She found the white scars from Umbridge's quill on the back of his hand and stroked her thumb back and forth over them.  "She was a very unpleasant person, wasn't she?" she sighed.  "I disliked her."  Lifting his hand up to her lips, she kissed it gently and resumed rubbing his fingers, rolling each one between an oily thumb and forefinger.
            Ginny smiled as Harry groaned from the attention.  "That's your wand arm. And your Snitch arm.  Maybe she was hoping it would hurt you bad enough for your guard to fail."
            "Fat chance.  She still lost," he sighed, his head turned to watch Luna work.  She was slightly fuzzy to him without his glasses, but her touch made up for it as her fingers traced the sore tendons in his forearm.
            Ginny resumed her own kneading of his lower back, feeling the tight muscles move a bit.  "Still, you're hurt, love.  I don't know how much is from Quidditch, how much is from stress, and how much is from just plain being used as a human punching bag the last six years."
            "I'd say it's a third of each," Luna suggested, her thumbs sliding firmly down his arm, turning it gently with each long stroke.  She smiled at the expression on his face.  "Like that, do you?"  Leaning in, she kissed Harry's cheek warmly.  "Good."  His blush made her smile as she stroked his forearm and circled into his wrist and palm before inching up again.  "Where's the Hippogriff tattoo Romilda Vane is always going on about?"
            Ginny smirked.  "I keep telling her that he's got a Hungarian Horntail, but she swears I'm hiding the truth and she'll see for herself somehow."
            "Oh."  Luna blinked slowly.  "Well, if I'd known that, I suppose I could have invited her as well."
            "Nah.  Harry's got more than he can handle with two women already on him," Ginny said, "Besides, if she had shown up, I'd have had to show her how a Beater's bat works."
            "I never thought Romilda knew much about Quidditch," Luna said mildly, now cupping Harry's upper arm and kneading out more tired muscles.  "She was awful when Professor McGonagall auditioned her for the announcer position."  Her hands were slick with the oils she had brought and Harry found himself inhaling the scent of satsuma.
            He felt Ginny's hands on his shoulder blades as the redhead bent down to breathe in as well.  "Mmm.  Good choice, Luna."  She kissed the back of Harry's neck.  "She's remarkably talented, isn't she?  I swear, I want you and her to do this to me sometime."  Her hands pressed down a bit harder.  "Higher or lower, Harry?"
            "Lower," he groaned as she leaned in with a vengeance.  "I think that one's from Potions class."
            "Mmmmmhmmm.  Under the shoulder, right?  I've seen it before.  It's all that stirring that wrecks your back.  That's what happens when self-stirring cauldrons go off the market.  Okay, let me see, here."  Her thumbs gently worked up and down beneath his shoulder blade.  "Luna, would you let him go for a few seconds while I do this?"
            The blonde obligingly let his arm down and folded her own arms on the bench in front of him, resting her chin on them.  "Hi," she whispered, "Enjoying yourself?"
            Harry nodded, then grunted as Ginny kneaded harder.  "You were right.  I needed this."
            Her smile was softer than her regular dreamy one.  "Of course you did, because so many of us do.  Hermione desperately needs someone to sit on her and not let her up until she's a puddle of good feelings.  My prefect Padma Patil is the same way, but she asked for my help last month and she'll be just fine.  These things take time.  Which is why I'm glad we were able to make time for you."
            More pain flared under his shoulders as Ginny used the heel of her hand on him.  Then something loosened and he heard himself gasp in relief.
            "That did it."  Luna smiled and sat up, picking his arm up again.  "Forget life for a while, Harry.  Just think about Ginny and I instead.  We're more pleasant than He Who Must Not Be Named." 
            As she stroked his shoulder, Harry obeyed and gave up all thoughts of Potions, Horcruxes, & Draco Malfoy, finally letting go of everything.  He couldn't see the redhead straddling his legs, but he could watch the blonde kneeling a few inches from his face.  "Luna?"
            "Mmmmm?" she responded, gently probing the join of his neck and shoulder.
            "Did you … ow … did you mean what you said yesterday?"
            "Of course I did.  There are only <i>four</i> true Magic Mirrors in Britain, not ten."
            "Ummm … no, when you told me that …. "
            "Oh."  Luna smiled and slipped her fingers into his hair, scratching gently.  "Yes, we love you very much, Harry.  Well, Ginny loves you a bit differently than I do, just as I love you in a different way than Hermione does."  Cupping his face in her hands, she kissed him on the cheek again as Ginny bent down to kiss him on the other.  "But our differences don't matter.  We followed you last year because we all believe in you.  And we're not afraid when we're with you."
            Ginny bit his ear softly.  "They say you're the Chosen One.  Well, my brother and Hermione chose you as their friend.  And you repaid them by saving their lives.  I chose you, too.  And I haven't forgotten what you did for me in the Chamber of Secrets four years ago."
            Luna swept her hair aside and brushed her lips across his softly.  "And last year, Neville and I chose to risk our lives for you in the Ministry.  We've never regretted it," she murmured, smiling as he blinked in surprise at her kiss. 
            His girlfriend poked him in the ribs gently.  "Don't you go getting a swelled head, by the way.  No one else here is much of a leader or infuriates half the faculty the way you do, which means no one else is any good at saving our necks or taking the initiative.  So you're it by default."  She kissed his cheek again.
            "Thanks," Harry grinned, "Just when I was feeling good about dating you."
            Luna felt his shoulders some more.  "Mmm.  I think we're making progress, Ginny."  She shifted position to repeat her massage on his left arm.  "Or not.  Harry, just let your arm go loose.  Loose … that's it.  Good boy."
            "Give him a pumpkin pasty as a reward," Ginny smirked, resuming her kneading as well.  "By the time we're done here, you shouldn't be able to move for a good, long while.  That ought to keep you out of trouble."
            "Hmm.  By that logic, maybe you and I ought to sit on Draco Malfoy and massage him into immobility," Luna pointed out. "Mind you, we could always just sneak a box of Nargles into his dorm room.  It would get the same result, only not as pleasant."
            Harry tried to laugh, but only wheezed because Ginny was leaning on his ribcage.  "Tempting, but I think I do know someone else who could use this."  He sensed both girls watching him.  "Neville.  You two need to hold Neville down and give him an experience like this.  He'd try and make a break for it, though, but I'm sure two witches as powerful as you could handle that."
            Luna smiled.  "He's been helping us prepare for our Herbology OWLs the last month.  We definitely owe him one as it is.  What do you think, Ginny?"
            "Proposed by Gryffindor; seconded by Ravenclaw.  All opposed?  Vote passes three to none," the redhead smiled as she finally sat back and flexed her fingers.  "Get out your day planner, Luna.  We'll sneak him off somewhere."
            Harry chuckled.  "I'll get Ron, Dean, and Seamus to leave the dormitory one night and let you two pin him down properly in his own bed.  It's for Neville, so they'll go along with it."
            Holding his left arm up, Luna gave his shoulder a long and careful flex.  "Hmmm.  I'd like to be nicely surprised in my own bed sometime.  I'll add it to my wish list."

            Something popped deep inside his shoulder and he gasped again as she let him go to rub gently all the way down to his fingers.  "There we go.  Feeling better, Harry?"
            Lying still, Harry drew in a tentative breath.  His back was humming lightly, arms and shoulders also tingling.  And he didn't want to move from where he was.  More relaxed than he had felt in years, Harry sighed deeply and felt no pain.  Even Ginny was a comfortable weight on his lower back.  "Yeah.  I'm feeling better."
            "Good.  That's supposed to be the way it works," Ginny laughed, nestling her knees against his sides.  "Want to sit up or stay like this for a bit?"
            Luna lightly played with Harry's hair, brushing her fingers through his bangs and tracing the rims of his ears with her thumb.  "Let's keep him like this.  We've got another hour until we have to be back in our common rooms."  She paid a bit more attention to his ears, stroking and teasing the hair over them.  "Do you think your brother will come looking for us?  It would be rather fun to see how many colours we could make him turn."
            Ginny cackled softly.  "How about it, Harry?  What do you think Ron would say if he saw me straddling you like this?"
            "Something along the lines of "Avada Kedavra", I'd imagine,"
            "Oh, Ronald wouldn't do that!"  Luna sounded slightly shocked.  "A Banishing Charm, perhaps or a Furnuculus Curse if he was particularly angry.  But I don't think he should use a Leg-Locker Curse. That would just complicate things and make them look worse than they are."
            Snickering at that, Ginny stretched again.  "He can't complain.  Lavender's done worse to him than this.  I've got eyewitnesses."
            The three of them lay quietly for a while, Luna gently scratching Harry behind the ears much like she did to Mrs. Norris.  Ginny watched and smiled, occasionally stroking his hair a bit as well.  "Harry?"
            "Do you want to have Luna with us more often?"
            His head came up.  "What?"
            "I asked if you felt like seeing Luna a bit more than you have this year.  I know she'd like to spend more time with the two of us."  Ginny patted his shoulder.  "I see her in class, but it's not the same.  And she's told me how she misses you."
            Harry glanced at Luna for confirmation and received a cautious nod from her.  "Not a problem, Ginny.  She can bring someone, or grab Neville, and the four of us could do things."
Ginny giggled, as Luna seemed to flush a bit, even in the warmth of the shower room.  "She doesn't really need someone else, Harry.  Or want them."
            Luna shyly kissed him on the lips again, as if to demonstrate that fact.
            He blinked a couple of times, his fuzzed mind assimilating the meanings of both kiss and statement.  "Ginny?"
            "I'm here, Harry."
            "Are you two joking around with me?"    
            The redhead leaned down to put her mouth by his ear.  "Remember before we started tonight, when Luna told you to trust us?  I need more of that trust from you now, love."
            He sighed heavily and nodded.  "Okay.  I'm listening"
            I know you think of her as a friend.  I do, too.  She's happy that you and I, as she said, "finally got the Wrackspurt out of our heads" and started dating."
            Luna rested her chin on her cupped palms as she smiled at the pair.  "Hmmm.  Did I really say that?  I must have meant it."  She sighed warmly.  "Ginny and I live close to each other.  You know that, Harry.  We spent quite a few summers together.  I knew when you first started Hogwarts, since Ginny spent almost that whole year talking about how her brothers were going to school with you."  The blonde winked gently up at Ginny.  "I couldn't help liking you before I met you.  Her enthusiasm was as contagious as Witch Measles.  And after finally seeing you last year, going through all those adventures with you . . . I can't help it now, either.  I love you every bit as much as I've loved her for the last five years."
            Harry turned carefully to look back at Ginny, who had the grace to squirm. "I bet that would be one relationship Ron didn't know about, right?"
            "My brother probably wouldn't understand it if he did," she pointed out,  "Hermione keeps telling him he's got all the emotional range of a teaspoon.  You can add that to having the perception of a Flobberworm when it comes to such things as having a sister who likes affection from both witches and wizards."  She shook her red hair back. 
            "Hermione knows, Harry.  So does Neville, for reasons that don't need explaining here.  You're the third to know, other than Luna, who I've been quietly snogging during summer vacation for a couple of years."  She returned Luna's earlier wink, accompanied by a fiery blush reminiscent of her brother.  "I can't leave her out of this, especially when she feels for both of us.  She needs someone to like her just the way you do. She also needs someone to love her as much she loves us, too.  Understand?"
            He lay there, feeling her knees against his sides, doing his best to breathe steadily.  Lifting his gaze, he could see Luna's slightly fuzzy features as she watched him.  "Am I going to date both of you?"
            Ginny slipped off his back and let him sit up.  "No, what I want is for us both to welcome Luna as a third partner.  Believe it or not, there's even some magical precedent for threesomes like this."  She sat down between Luna and Harry, adjusting the towel around her body.  "I've got all the information back in my dormitory.  I had to do some quiet, quick research when Luna confessed her real feelings about you the other week."  Sliding one arm around Luna's back, she put the other one around Harry's shoulders.  "It might be a bit odd at first, but I love you both enough to give it a try."
            Luna smiled and tilted her head to rest it on Ginny's bare shoulder.  "I'd love to try.  Daddy would be happy to hear I've got friends like this."  She looked over at Harry.  "Are you sure, Harry?  You don't look too certain."
            He shook his head, trying to keep up with the girls' trains of thought.  "Just surprised.  Ginny, are you sure?"
            The youngest Weasley stuck her tongue out at him.  "Want more proof?  Okay, fine.  Watch this."  Letting go of him, she turned and put both hands on Luna's waist.  She tilted her head slightly and pulled the blonde into a deep kiss.
            Harry suddenly wished he had his glasses back on.  And that he was wearing more than a towel.
            Ginny eased back and drew in a deep, panting breath.  "That good enough for you, Harry?  It won't be easy for us when the rest of the school figures it out, but we've made it through more ridicule and scorn than this before.  Compared to other times, this will be the simplest thing since hexing the Inquisitorial Squad."
            Harry nodded as he patted his girlfriend's knee.  "Luna, may I?"
            The Ravenclaw girl smiled and obediently slid over past Ginny to kiss him, adding a gentle brush of her nose across his.  "Hmmmm.  This will be exquisitely complicated," she murmured, smiling.  "I love it."
            Ginny slipped her arms around Luna's body from behind, hugging the blonde and resting her chin on her shoulder.  Red and dirty blonde hair mingled as the two girls nestled together.  "Group hug, Harry.  Come on."  She reached an arm out to gather him in and pull his warm body against theirs.  "I think we can do this.  Our friends will help.  My brother will … try to hex you or me, probably."  Ginny smiled.  "Luna, if he hexes you, feed him to a Murple."
            Luna sighed softly, snuggling between her and Harry.  "Will do.  I think there's some under the Astronomy supplies."  Then she sat up.  "Can we go up to your common room and talk some more about this?  I'm all steamed out."  She slid out of the group embrace and adjusted her towel.  "I'll bring you your glasses, Harry.  After Ginny and I have changed."  With that, she vanished into the changing room.
            Ginny chuckled and kissed the side of Harry's neck.  "I'll be right back, then.  And thank you for not freaking out on either of us.  Luna needs acceptance and both of us can give it.  And you can get more of these little sessions with us."
            He nodded and let her up.  Then her towel dropped on his head, covering his face.  He scrabbled to lift it off as her laughter echoed, only managing to lift it in time to see her slender legs vanish around the corner of the changing room.
            If evil wizards weren't enough in his life, now he had Wicked Witches to deal with.

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