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May I ask a quick question?

Sorry if this isn't welcome here, but can I ask a quick question?

I've been looking at the userinfo for this community, it doesn't really tell other users much. What's allowed here? Can we post graphics and art? Or is it just fanfiction? 
*feels rude for saying all this*
If you like, I could make an icon, header (though I'm not good and doing layouts I'm afraid) and vamp the userinfo for you? Only if you like of course. *ducks and feels really rude*
It'd be good to get more sixpackers if possible though wouldn't it?
Now here is why I feel especially rude:

Hi! I'm new to this community!
My name is Millicent, but you can all call me Millie! :D
I closet ship an aweful lot, and sixpack is one of those closet ships!
My OTP is Harry/Hermione, regardless of the way the series is seemingly going.

EDIT: I've just done a rough preview as to what I could do the info for you!
Hope you like, even if it never gets used! :D

about the six

hms_sixpack is a shipping community for the Harry Potter ship - you guessed it! The HMS Sixpack!
The HMS Sixpack is the ship for Harry, Hermione, Ron, Luna, Neville and Ginny - together. It can be all six of them together in a relationship, or any combination be it Harry/Hermione, Ron/Hermione, Ron/Luna, even Ron/Ginny if you wish as well as many more.


At HMS Sixpack, our aim is to satisfy all fans of this ship, with the likes of fanfiction, fanart, webgraphics and much more. There are some basic guidelines to follow, and only one rule to sum the guidelines up:
respect all other members of this community
which means NO ship wars or bashings between the "combination ships" (eg. Ron/Hermione vs. Harry/Hermione), all nc-17 content should have clear warnings if it is indecent for the innocent eyes and must be behind a cut, when posting icons please have no more than 3 set out in preview, we don't all have fast internet connections, place the others behind a cut. NO NETSPEAK. if netspeak is detected you will automatically receive a warning.
Any breeches of these 'guidelines' may find you banned from the community.


Come now don't be afraid, if you are new we'd like to get to know you. Post an introduction post and answer the following for us, we'll appreciate it!
Name //
Age/DOB //
Why You Love HMS Sixpack //
What Will You Offer to the Community // (be it icons, fanfics or just moral support.)

link us please



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